Live, Love, Lube.

  Let us normalise the use of lubricant during intercourse. Please, God, let us. Let us stop women feeling like they’re doing something wrong because

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50 Shades of Green

Saving the planet is high up on most of our ‘to do’ lists, right? We are starting to favour re-usable canvas bags over their plastic

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REVIEW : Just Bad Timing

“I know you’re waiting for an explanation. You are waiting for me to tell you what happened. Motherfucking life happened.”     Not only is

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REVIEW : Smile Makers

  I’m not opposed to sex toys of any kind; in fact, I’m always looking for something new to contribute to my ever growing collection…

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Last Thursday evening saw the annual turnaround of the FMBE (Field Marketing & Brand Experience) awards. With it’s pantomime theme, the evening was brimming with excitement,

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REVIEW : Amsterdam

I didn’t take this picture, I was far too drunk and/or tired to focus my Iphone on anything other than a giant penis.   Hilarious,

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