Nell Grecian


sex & body positivity advocate




intersectional feminist

Who is Nell?

Whilst Nell has been known to write about any given topic, her content tends to excel when based around women, sex, relationships and feminism.

Woman on Top was founded in 2014 and initially hailed by the name ‘The Man Ban’. The blog was originally used as a diary to keep track of the temporary vacation Nell used to swear herself off men. Unsurprisingly, it was short-lived. She was living in London at the time, and seemingly grew tired of relying on and revolving her life around men.

It was then that she finally put pen (fingers) to paper (keyboard) and re-ignited her love for writing.
This instantaneously became a popular read for all who indulged, and soon became a regular blogging position. In 2016, The Man Ban became Woman on Top and whole new concept was born, alongside our first ever supporting Social Media channels.

Affiliations and collaborations:

This has since lead to collaborations with various brands, including Plsr, Intimina, Womanizer, Coconut Lane, Smile Makers, Lelo and Yes, affiliations with Lovehoney and features and interviews on national radio and across a multitude of publications like the Huffington Post, City AM, The Independent, Elle, Now, Slutty Girl Problems and Verve. Nell has also starred as a ‘body positivity expert and influencer’ on a variety of panels.

That's not all...

Now with her debut book and merch store, Nell is (more than ever) empowering women, encouraging them to break down taboos, smash the patriarchy, combat sexism, normalise sex and love themselves. Alongside this, stay tuned for starkly honest yet satirical weekly updates on her life, and columns and articles on all things sex and dating from an intersectional feminist perspective.


When she isn’t  furiously writing about masturbation or posting Instagram stories about her period, Nell works and lives in Oxfordshire and, outside the 9-5, watches her boyfriend play rugby and takes every possible opportunity to drink copious amounts of prosecco and perform musical hits in the nude for her girlfriends.

Articles, Diary and Blogs

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