V Day & Me Day

Babes, Happy V Day. I know, I know, it’s not until tomorrow. But I’ll likely be up to my eyeballs in penis and prosecco by then, so I’ll bid you my well wishes now. Sadly, this is a mass exaggeration and my boyfriend won’t dip his wick anywhere near me on a Friday before a rugby game. I’ll make up for it with double helpings of prosecco, though.

You know I’m not huge on V Day. But Me Day? All. Over. It.

ANY excuse to love myself and preach that you all do the same, and I am here to dip it in chocolate and devour it. I know some of you may be coupled up, but that’s no excuse to deny yourself of some much needed loving. Me Day and V Day don’t have to correlate directly. You can absolutely do brunch and butt stuff on Friday, and then spend the remainder of the weekend in and out of the bath, binging Grace and Frankie and masturbating like it’s going out of fashion.

This ‘Me Day’, figure out what you can do to make yourself happy, and do it. I am actually hosting a ‘Nellebration’ on Saturday night; essentially just the gathering of my friends and family to toast the most important thing in my life – me. But your declaration of self-love can be literally whatever. It could be treating yourself to that box of champagne truffles that are your absolute fave, but don’t comply with your weekly budget. Or line up the full franchise of your most loved films, snuggle up on the couch and just be. And why not treat yourself to something new to wear? This could be some gorgeous new PJs, a new dress to slither into on your way out to celebrate yourself with umpteen tequilas and cocktails with your besties, or a killer lingerie set that you’ll wear for no one but yourself. Or yourself and your Instagram followers, if you’re like me.

Self love is the most important love. It really is the be-all and end-all, after all. And it is the most important relationship you can and will ever have. This should be the relationship you prioritise above all else. Through this, and having the necessary respect and understanding of your own mind and body, you can truly thrive as a human being (or whatever else you’d like to be), and bring your best and truest self into external relationships. Ya get me? So it’s definitely worth cancelling all weekend plans every once in a while to longingly look into your bathroom mirror and recite poetry to yourself, before bedding down for the night with everything that makes you happy (dressing gown, vibrator, pepperoni pizza etc).

Be kind to yourself, darlings. It can also be depressing being privy to everyone else’s plans, when you yourself have none. But promise me something? If you do find yourself headed towards being down in the dumps, take my advice. Work on loving yourself. And keep reminding yourself that you are bloody brilliant, and no one else should ever validate that.

Love, always x

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