Twenty – 9th January 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And new Decade! And new month, day, week etc etc. Happy 2020, basically. I’ve missed you! In a wild blur of cheese and gin and wearing pyjamas for almost a fortnight, it seems as though a considerable amount of time has passed since we last spoke. In my last post, I admitted to feeling quite stressed and un-festive. Well, I am still stressed but now over more trivial 2020 issues, and am yet to experience even a glimmer of festiveness. Maybe next year, though!

In this time, my shop has launched – I am incredibly excited and want to thank you all for your continuing support so far. Please do support small businesses and me, basically, and buy my merch. Oh, and if you can wait, my book is coming out in approx. (or not so approx.) 37 days. You’ll be able to buy her on here, and on Amazon although that is looking like it might take a little longer because, although I have written and self-published an entire book, I still can’t work basic technology.

2020 is looking exciting. I am building my brand and business and loving it. Obviously, I’m making no resolutions this year. I haven’t for years, really, as I think they are a load of shite and inevitably profitable for patriarchal structures that feed off people’s insecurities. In case you haven’t already been told – you are already great. You don’t need to diet, you don’t need to change yourself and you certainly don’t need to give up booze because January is shit enough as it is, without the absence of our dear friend Prosecco. Maybe your resolution should be to stop constantly striving to be something or someone other than yourself and just live your life. I mean, cool if you are going to diet or whatever, I can’t tell you what to do, but just fuck off with splashing it all over social media and telling every man and his mother-loving dog about the latest lb you’ve shed. Ok? Thanks. Because you never know what kind of impact you basking in your new ‘my life is so much better now I’m thinner’ (a lie) glory will have on someone else. Conforming isn’t cool.

But you know what is? Loving yourself! Yay!

If I was going to make a resolution (which I’m not because a) see rant above and b) I don’t have the fucking time to sit and make lists about how best to change my life that will almost definitely get lost in a drawer somewhere and forgotten about by mid-Feb at the latest) it would be to do less, socially. I am a real fiend for making plans for every waking moment, and I think I need a bit of a break. So I’m not actually changing anything, not cancelling anything and not sending any of the outfits back that I’ve bought for the upcoming parties etc. But I am saying no more. It’s actually making me a bit moist seeing blank diary pages, no word of a lie. So long may my adapted social recluse lifestyle continue. Plus, I need an excuse to wear my 74 pairs of new pyjamas anyway.

Happy New Year, bitches.

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