Vote – 19th November 2019

Errrmmmagerrhhhdd. You know when you go out and get drunk a lot but you’re not really getting drunk drunk and then when you do go out and get drunk drunk you realise you’d forgotten what it felt like to almost die? Yeah, that was me on Saturday. I had approx. 147 gin and tonics, and ended my evening falling down the stairs and passing out naked on the cold wooden floor of my kitchen.
I was actually out for a casual birthday lunch for one of my gal pals. Given how close to both Christmas and Pay Day we are, I was on a budget so, naturally, took my own gin in an empty 1.5l Evian bottle. The thing I love so much about drinking wine, and why I miss it especially, is that a couple of sips in I can feel the tipsiness. I know when I’m getting nice and merry and therefore can accurately-ish calculate my limits. Gin feels like I’m not getting drunk at all until I look back and realise I was slurring my words after three large self-measured gin and ginger ales. Obviously from there I went on to inhale vodka, tequila and various other cocktails. I made some new friends and probably a new enemy or two, too. And while it was super fun, I think I am going to resort back to the odd voddy and an early night for a few weeks. To prepare myself for Christmas carnage, anyway.
Other than that, my weekend consisted of binge watching the Silence of the Lambs franchise for the fourth weekend in a row, one extremely large McDonalds and some very lazy hangover sex. It was so gorgeous having lunch with almost all of my gal pals, and near-death experience aside (those bastard stairs), a great weekend was had.
I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! started on Sunday. Please tell me you’re watching it? Like, come the fuck on Bridget. If I could prise my hungover-to-shit eyes open and stay up until 11pm on Sunday, you need to put in some more effort. It’s the greatest reality TV show and a public announcement of the official Christmas countdown. Ant and Dec are finally reunited and I am so freaking excited to see their first ever Trans contestant, Caitlyn Jenner. And y’all? She’s fucking hilarious. And strong. And is just killing it so far, even after only three days. Can I get a hellllllll motherfuckin’ yeah for I’m a Celeb and their record-breaking casting? Caitlyn for the win.
Something else that I like about I’m a Celeb is having something to watch every night on the tele (hence why so many of us are into Love Island), to bring us together as a nation and pull us out of the winter-y depression this GD cold spell is lowering us into. Oh, that and the upcoming General Election, of course. Nothing stresses me out and tests the very limit of my closest relationships like politics.
Such. Fun.  
Please, please, please. If you take anything away from today’s post, let it not be the dangers of too much gin on a near-on empty stomach, but this. If you are over 18 in the UK, you need to register to vote. You only have a few more days. The deadline is 26th November. THAT IS ONE WEEK AWAY. And please don’t think this means you have to know who to vote for. Just register to vote and then do your research, and make your mind up closer to the time (the GE will be on 12th December).
Huns, those brave women of the Suffragette movement in the late 1800s – early 1900s didn’t fight tirelessly so you could throw away your vote because neither Jeremy or Boris really float your boat (soz not soz about my accidental but perfect rhyme). You’re not voting for the person, you’re voting for the policies. And it’s so important to have your say and cast your vote – especially if you are part of the younger generation. This is your future.
Aaaanyway, gotta bounce. My cover shoot for my book is next week and the gym is calling. Love ya!


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