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Lizzo. That is all. Goodbye.


I’m joking, sort of. But she really needs no other explanation.


I’ve been OBSESSED with Lizzo since the dawn of time (or, actually, when my cousin introduced me to her a couple of years ago). She’s just amazing. Not only is she out-of-this-world talented, but also an advocate for body positivity, self love and healthy relationships. I once listened to her on JVN’s podcast talking about how she’d never felt like she’d been in love, and all of the biggest selling records are about just that. So she made the conscious decision to write about a love solely with yourself. And you bet I creamed everywhere.


Most recently, our Queen L performed at the VMAs. NOT ONLY did she perform her set in front of a giant inflatable booty, but she dedicated her performance to promoting her ideals of loving your damn self. She took her voice and the stage she was given to promote what she stands for and, rightfully so, the audience exploded.



Lizzo is a black singer, songwriter and musician and she’s larger than the average American woman. And the best thing about all of this? How fucking unapologetic she is. She wears what she wants, performs to the best of her ability and is currently breaking through any and all glass ceilings that she can, in a world where she could be (and probably has been) oppressed. She is making strides for powerful, plus-size women of colour and I honestly want to dedicate my life to thanking her. Plus, she stopped mid-way through her VMA set to chug from a bedazzled bottle of tequila. Actual goals.


And she makes me feel amazing. Not only me, no – I’ve read through various comments on her Instagram posts and she is literally changing lives. She is inspiring people to do what they want, to work hard and put in the effort to reach their goals, to believe in themselves and to be happy with who they are and their gift to the world. I don’t know of any other ‘feel good’ stars quite like it. And she’s honest and humble AF. Seriously, go and watch her Instagram stories. On repeat. All in all, she makes us feel good as hell.


AND, if you needed any more excuses to fall in love with this woman, her music is the BEST to drive/sing/dance/cry/do karaoke to and she spends a considerable portion of all of her performances playing the flute and twerking in a leotard. Here. For It. She deserves every success she is finally getting, and so much more.



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