Tuesday 20th August 2019

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Hey, hi, hello. Firstly, let me kick this week off by saying THANK YOU to everyone who messaged/replied to my post last week and supporting Instagram story with what it is that makes them happy. Reading them made me feel amazing and by reading those that I shared, I hope you did too.


In some other very exciting news, Woman on Top is about to get a whole lot better. I am currently in talks with a web designer about upgrading the site and *finally* launching the merch shop. Stay tuned for any and all updates as I’m very, very excited!


I’m also making movements (at long fucking last) with my book. It’s currently in the stages of proofreading (yet again) and I am doing all of the research into self-publishing. I literally have zero idea about anything after actually writing the damn thing, so any further help or expertise from you gorgeous readers would be gratefully received. After subconsciously abandoning my life’s story and work after that disagreement with one particular agent, I seemed to push my undeserving book aside and promise myself to re-address it and the ‘what next’ as soon as I had the time to do so. Being the queen of procrastination, this is now happening six months later. I will also be looking at shooting/designing a cover for said book. So my next request will likely be to any local photographers. Prepare yourselves.


There’s a lot to look forward to in the next coming weeks personally, too. My gorgeous scuzz (sister cousin) is getting married to her beloved, something I am uncontrollably excited about and almost weep at whenever thinking about it. She’s the first of us to take a trip up the aisle and watching her do that with the people we love the most in the world is going to be the most special thing. And I turn 25 two weeks tomorrow, and will be rightfully celebrating a quarter of a century in this life for 30 days and nights and with multiple prosecco-induced hangovers and as much bread and cheese as my body will allow. Alongside that, I have the hen do for one of my bestest friends and the 21st birthday of the littlest member of our scuzz tribe before, in October, said gal pal’s wedding and the homecoming of our most foreign Raven, who lives in New Zealand. It’s going to be a fucking whirlwind, and my diary is full until January, so stay with me!


I’ll be the first to say how wonderful it is to feel excited and overjoyed about all that is to come. I normally dip between pessimist and optimist but, and at least this morning, my outlook is sunny and the idea of what’s to come feels gloriously positive. It also helps that we’ve got a lot of girl time booked in (my favourite past time above all else) and I am in a sickly sweet can’t get enough of each other phase with my beau.


I want you to live your best lives. Fill it with things that bring you joy and make you smile and turn down anything you’re not sure about. I’m here to encourage you to book the hair cut you’ve been pondering over for the past few weeks, cancel that night out in favour of a face mask and a large glass of Pinot on your own and plan a spontaneous weekend for you and a loved one. I don’t give a shit what it is, just make time for excitement, happiness and yourself. And plaster it on your Instagram stories so I can watch on like a proud mother. Thank me later.



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