Tuesday 13th August 2019

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Because I am now on an absolute mish to be positive Polly, I thought I might compile a list of 20 things that, this Tuesday, I really, really love. I know it’s alright to feel like shit, my previous posts (especially last week’s) highlight that perfectly, but on the flip side, I also want to let it be known that it’s equally as alright to feel amazing. And be unapologetically happy. And identify things that make you feel that good. Hence the list. I basically sat this morning, when I had five minutes spare at work, and reeled off the first 20 things that came into my head that make me feel safe, warm, fuzzy and happy. And I could have listed 20 more, but that’s probably owing to how narcissistic I am and how much I like talking about myself. So I settled on 20, and here they are –


  • Hungover Sundays at my Auntie’s house: by her fire in the winter, in her garden come summer

  • The biggest, comfiest granny pants ever

  • Prosecco cocktails

  • Pinterest (I have a board for absolutely fucking everything)

  • Post-coital cuddles

  • Those days with your girlfriends when you just laugh at anything and everything

  • The beach

  • Homemade lasagna

  • Clean sheets on a Sunday night

  • Seeing my boyfriend for the first time after days apart

  • Enormous hats

  • The staple outfit in your wardrobe that looks amazing whenever you wear it

  • Early nights

  • Argan oil baths

  • A really good cheese board paired with some crusty French bread and an enormous glass of red wine

  • My cousins

  • Clearing your head on holiday and finally being able to write and write and write

  • Compliments from strangers

  • Lizzo

  • Cherry pie and custard


I fully urge you to do the same. They don’t have to be things directly related to you, you can pick bands and foods and monumental magazine editions: literally anything that makes you feel happy, relaxed and content when you think about or imagine it. I won’t bore you with these lists every week, but will report back every now and again, and encourage you to do the same.


I want to hear yours! Head over to my ‘Gram to touch base about what it is that sparks joy in your life. I can’t wait to read them.


Thinking about what makes us happy, makes us happy. We don’t necessarily need to be seeing/living/doing it (but I’d definitely recommend making time and space so that you can, if you can), sometimes just picturing and remembering it is all we need. For example, I have an argan oil bath almost every night. Literally, on average, once every 24 hours. But I haven’t had lasagna for months and I definitely can’t afford to go on a proper holiday more than once a year to clear my head and produce my very best writing. But the thought of doing that, and reminiscing on those days I spent lying on the front of a boat, furiously scribbling down my thoughts and ideas and re-writing the introduction to my book make me feel like I can achieve whatever I want to. I just need to find the right way to do it.


So let this be a HAPPY Tuesday, and the start of a happy week. Drink lots of water, get lots of sleep and count your blessing when and where you can. Sending out positive vibes to each and every one of ya.



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