Sexual Happiness Week

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Y’all! It’s Sexual Happiness week! And I’m writing to you on Hump Day! Surely this is no coincidence… 


In all honesty, I’m sorry I couldn’t get this out sooner. I wish I had a better excuse other than the fact that I’m lazy and busy, but alas, I do not, and the majority of my time is spent keeping myself sexually happy, anyway. Sorry not sorry.


The folks down at Lovehoney have you covered for this celebration. They are offering up to a massive 50% off top sex toys until this Friday (using this link) AND a special Bank Holiday offering of half price toys until Monday 22nd (using this link)! You are so welcome. 


What is Sexual Happiness Week, I hear you chorus? Not that you need an excuse, but it is 7 days dedicated to you prioritisng your sexual happiness through various mediums. Lovehoney have fantastic posts about sexual self care: indulging in mindful masturbation, creating the right mood and setting for the most sensual experiences, communicating properly and treating yourself, feeling confident: using lingerie and sexy outfits to promote your best self and leave you feeling content in both mind and body and making the most out of your favourite sex positions: incorporating toys, using props and listening to your body. All of these posts are live on the Lovehoney blog now. 

So, as I’ve said, if you were looking for an excuse to treat yourself, then let this be it. I for one have made sure this week (probably during the time I should have been writing this post) to light my massage candle, lube myself up and enjoy a bit of very well deserved ‘me time’ – AKA furious masturbation. Plus, it’s Easter. A time of celebration and a blissfully long weekend. And to me, nothing screams the resurrection of Christ quite like donning your finest underwear and getting down and dirty. 


Have a fabulous and sexually happy week, my loves. 



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