'Me Day' Over V Day

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ANOTHER excuse to preach self-love? Sign me the fuck up.


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I’m not the biggest believer, but obviously I like buying hideously inappropriate cards for my partner, and receiving declarations of love in return. Before I met my lovely man friend, I celebrated Galentine’s Day – just like V Day, but with your gal pals and copious amounts of wine. We had SO much fun, and it’s important to celebrate all relationships in your life – not just those that fall into category: romance.


Which is why, this year, I ask you to join me in celebrating ‘Me Day’, rather than V Day. The celebration and preservation of the relationship that should always come first in life – with yourself. Loving yourself is vital. I’ve heard people saying that you can’t be loved until you love yourself which, quite frankly, is bollocks. People will always love you – happy or sad, big or small, self-loving or self-loathing. What stands in the way of relationships when you don’t love yourself, is just that – yourself. It is difficult to fully open yourself to be loved when you are self-conscious and afraid of being vulnerable. 



Try and sidestep boyfriend bonfires and playing Miss Havisham – Valentine’s Day is no excuse to wallow in self-pity and prise open the ex-files. Celebrate love in all of its glory. There are many ways to practice self-love, not just on greetings card holidays, but always. This ‘Me Day’, why not treat yourself? Often, my favourite gifts are those labelled ‘To Me, From Me’. Splurge on some great wine, or bend the bank and invest in that amazing looking basket of meringues you keep seeing. Go to the spa, or invite your girlfriends round to ‘Prosecco and chill’ (I’m trademarking that…). There’s no great Saturday night quite like one spent in your dressing gown, inhaling the chocolates that you got reduced on Feb 15th and cackling with laughter into the wee hours. 


Following so soon post-crimbo, the big V is a welcome occasion to catch up on some well-deserved pampering. Give yourself a pedicure to show off in the peep toes you’ve treated yourself to. Spend the day exfoliating every inch if you are so inclined, either in preparation for your big night out or cosy night in and, should you truly be invested in anti-Valentine’s, take inspo from Jessica Biel in the namesake movie and throw you and your single gal (or guy) pals a party. Or, if that’s not your kind of thing – find something else. It really is just about doing something for yourself.



Celebrating self-love evokes the opportunity to properly show yourself some attention. By yourself I mean your crotch and by attention I mean furious masturbation. What better an excuse! After you’ve been suitably self-satisfied, you can begin sharing the love. Not necessarily necking on with your BFF after an abundance of tequila (which, coincidentally, is always an appropriate option), but by making sure your loved ones know just how loved they are. From then you’re free to crank up Cardi B, and forget about ‘loving’ your toes as you twerk your way into February 15th.  

Admittedly, I am celebrating ‘Me Day’ this year with my boyfriend and a considerable amount of fried chicken. I have agreed not to give or receive physical luxuries (other than the annual card that I receive from my Father) and, instead, give the very much sought after gift of my love and company. Those lucky, lucky bastards.




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