Tuesday 29th January 2019

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Turns out, Sunday fun day really isn’t that fun. I mean, it absolutely bloody was at the time when doing shots on a school night seemed like a reeeeeally good idea. But, for the majority of yesterday, I was hanging out of my arse. We were a core group of 5, and managed to sink 14 bottles of prosecco and a fair few cocktails. I don’t think I need to say much more than that we were kicked out of two separate Wetherspoons establishments. Apparently doing your own karaoke show when children are trying to eat their sausage, chips and peas is not the done thing in Oxfordshire. I don’t know how it happened, but it wasn’t my finest hour, anyway.


Regardless, I had the best night I’ve had in a really long time. God, it really does feel like the best thing in the world to have friends like mine. It sounds soppy (and I don’t give a toss) and I don’t know if it was the passion fruit flavoured shots talking, but I was so full of love on Sunday that I felt like I could burst. So your little check in this week is pretty much a declaration of love to my gorgeous gal pals, and a wee reminder of the importance of having a support system. Without my band of merry drunks, I wouldn’t be who I am or have done half of what I have. I know you might consider it overrated, but, honestly, having a team of people (and it’s absolutely fine if that team is just one or two of your nearest and dearest) there to have your back and help you up when you’re having a low moment are key to healthy survival.


If you needed any more proof, there has actually been research carried out which inevitably proved that for those with a strong and stable support system, they were more likely to enjoy higher levels of well-being, better coping skills and a longer and healthier life. Similar studies have also shown that social support is one of the highest contributors in reducing depression and anxiety – and I know it always makes me feel better having a little Whatsapp rant to my gal pals, or indulging with them in a bottle of wine and some honest conversation when I’m feeling sub-par. Having people close enough to me to talk to about these things generally makes me feel more in control of my life. And not only because they are there to give me advice when most needed. Also because, sometimes, you just need to hear about someone else’s problems for it to resonate that you are not alone. It’s so easy to push people away and alienate yourself when you’re in a bad place, but I promise you it will only ever make matters worse.


Now, by no means am I suggesting that you trade in your Sunday church visits or trips to see your Nan for a Sabbath day filled with just about every alcohol under the sun, but find something that works for you. Unfortunately, given our current level of adulting, getting all of our girlfriends together in the same place at the same place to have a mass conversation about life, feelings and our menstrual cycles is pretty damn rare. So it’s more often than not that we catch up over internet-based apps and long ass phone calls and, when we do eventually get together face to face, it’s inescapable that we end up absolutely trollied, screaming Wonderwall at a frightening pitch and getting hoofed out for falling off bar stools.  



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