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Owing to the way your hormones peak and trough, more often than not you have a certain zest for… life… when you’re on your period. And, yes, when I say ‘zest for life’ I mean that surfing the crimson wave makes you really, really horny. 


It’s no secret that people are often afraid of period sex. It can be messy and sometimes the blood puts people off – not me, though. If I could have it my way, there would never be any shame in the spilling of blood and men would pay to bathe in it. But, back to the point. My boyfriend is one of those people who prefers not to engage our bodies when it is my time of the month. Much to my complete dismay, disappointment and often, frustration. I have a freakishly high sex drive anyway, and being denied satisfaction as a result of normal human bodily function really grinds my gears. So, imagine my utter joy when I received Intimina’s Ziggy Cup.

I have used menstrual cups before, and would recommend them to anyone. They are eco-friendly, re-usable and, whilst using them, your bank balance will continue to thank you for not draining it on tampons and pads. It’s all about finding the right cup for you. 


Ziggy cup differs to most of it’s competitors due to one crucial feature – its shape. The revolutionary ‘flat-fit’ means it’s comfortable, easy to get in and out and makes it the only reusable cup that you can engage in full penetrative sexual activity whilst wearing. And, it’s right. When it arrived, I was a little alarmed as, in packaging, it genuinely looks like a monster menstrual cup capable of hiding a small village under its silicone umbrella. But once released from it’s plastic casing and it shrinks to it’s compact size, it seems much more manageable.


And manageable it is. Given that it is flat and wide, the folding and insertion process is actually considerably easier than its regular cup counterparts. And whilst it sounds cliched, you will actually forget that it’s in. The only thing I would say is that, as with everything you put into your floof, full relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles is required for a seamless exit strategy. Otherwise you may well find yourself lying on your spare bed, on your back, panic-stricken as your partner tries to coax a silicone disk out of your spasming vagina.


Whilst he may have been shaken up by his first run-in with Ziggy, my boyfriend was pleasantly surprised by it’s feel and the next-to-no-mess results after we got down and dirty. He’s thrilled at being able to get his end away and not end up covered in blood clots, and my cup runneth over (with happiness and not blood) that I finally get my wish and, not only can I live my life to the maximum whilst simultaneously hemorrhaging from my bearded clam, but I can also be entered as and when I wish – regardless of the time of the month.


The Ziggy Cup can be yours for just £34.99 – a real bargain for a lifetime of a glamorous-feeling fanny. So, would I recommend? Absolutely. And even without mentioning the handy carry case that the product comes with. Buy the Intimina Ziggy Cup HERE.




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