Lovehoney Launches 'All-Inclusive' Lingerie Lines

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Lovehoney Extends Lingerie Range Up to Size 28 With Two New Plus Size Exclusive Lines.


Anyone who follows me on social media or via my blog or even knows me in person will know that I am BIG on body positivity. I am all for people loving themselves and nothing makes me happier than seeing other people take pride, ownership and celebrating their body. Which is why I am here for any industries even attempting to adapt to be more inclusive rather than the standard selective.


I’m around average size in terms of women in the UK. I’m sexy and curvy but I am also well built. I’ve got wide hips, thick thighs, very broad shoulders, and a booty that won’t quit. And, whilst I may not be the biggest girl or really even understand the struggle that some men and women go through trying to buy clothes, I know what it’s like to go into a store or order something online and have nothing fit me. As a teen, I used to cry in fitting rooms and declare that I would never be able to wear sexy clothes. My friends bought gorgeous, sexy lingerie sets, and I had boobs before my time and could only wear underwear from specially-designed brands made for the larger lady, with a lot of support but little to no pattern and always in black, white or nude. 


So, I’m sure you can imagine the sheer joy when I heard about my favourite brand, Lovehoney, combining two of my favourite things, sex and body positivity. This week, Lovehoney is proud to announce the release of Rendezvous and Belle Amour, two new plus size lingerie lines, which will be offered in sets up to size 28. Here to celebrate bodies of all sizes and empower women to feel their most confident, my go-to global sex toy retailer will be launching the range as a ‘plus size’ exclusive.



As part of the movement, Lovehoney conducted a national survey on body confidence to further understand lingerie purchasing trends in the United Kingdom. 5,000 women from around the nation, ranging in age from 18 to 65+, participated in a survey that examined personal body sentiments, the effect of body inclusivity in marketing and social media and the lingerie market. Diversity should be celebrated, and this sentiment is reflected in Lovehoney’s survey results. Two-thirds of women (65%) said they felt more body confident than they did five years ago and more than half of women (54%) said the thought of seeing body diversity in fashion campaigns made them feel better about themselves. This is why we need to urge brands to carry sizes to fit all, and celebrate launches like this that allow ALL women to feel sexy, confident and body positive.


With this new insight and in an effort to increase overall body positivity numbers in the UK, Lovehoney is launching two brand new plus size exclusive lines, Rendezvous and Belle Amour. As someone who knows the pain of going lingerie shopping and never being able to find the right cup size, or anything that’s stretchy enough to fit over my arse, I was elated. The fact of the matter is, women want to and should be able to feel sexy. Regardless of their size or shape. 



Some of the brand’s sexiest pieces to date, the collections will consist of mix-and-match two pieces and shapely corsets designed in the most irresistible lace and sheer materials. Additionally, the brand’s best-selling lingerie range Seduce Me, will now be offered in sizes up to 28.


Lovehoney is here to design collections that bring out an inner confidence for all women. To support this initiative, the brand has enlisted plus size model Audrey Ritchie to pose as the face of the brand’s latest lingerie campaign. On the new Rendezvous and Belle Amour collections, Audrey said:  “They made me feel so powerful and sensual. When I put them on, I instantly felt like the sexiest woman in the world.”


Known for actively promoting inclusivity for all and never retouching her social posts, Ritchie tells Lovehoney:  “I encourage women to be radical and love their bodies.”


Rendezvous, Belle Amour is available in sizes 18-28 priced from £39.99-£49.99 while Seduce Me, previously available from size 8 up to 24, is also going up to size 28 – visit Lovehoney now.





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