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I’m not watching this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. For no reason other than Love Island took up so much of my social life, I feel it might be unfair to spend another god knows how many weeks ignoring my boyfriend between 9pm and 10pm every evening.


Word on the street is that last night, there was somewhat of an altercation between soap stars Ryan Thomas and Roxanne Pallett. Basically, he punched her during a ‘play fight’. Roxanne then went on to accuse him of being a wife beater and requested that he was removed from the house. Ryan defended himself and claimed the whole thing was a joke and a subsequent overreaction.

I can see both perspectives on this argument. For Ryan, and the thousands of fans taking to his side on social media and delivering unjust criticism of Roxanne, it really was just a joke and a bit of banter. But this is why we have to be so careful. THIS is what happens when people call people like me over-sensitive and proceed with inappropriate jokes and behaviour. Yes, Ryan’s punches were quite clearly made in jest and his response supports his case; but that doesn’t mean that Roxanne overreacted. Let’s stop being so hypocritical; you either give a shit about people and their feelings, or you don’t. You can’t post cryptic quotes on Instagram and tattoo your body with sayings like ‘Everyone has shit going on; just not everybody sees it’ and then make jokes about race, gender, rape and various other completely un-amusing topics. You’ve said it yourself – you do not know what people are dealing with.



Roxanne might have been involved in troubling and abusive relationships in the past; you just don’t know. That is the point. Ryan’s playful punches might have been a trigger for her. So, instead of ridiculing her online, give the girl a fucking break. They both stood up for themselves. They both said their piece. And I do think she is owed an apology. From Ryan, but also from his supporters, girlfriend and co-stars who were so quick to jump on the bandwagon and brand Roxanne with malicious insults. She wasn’t over-dramatic for sleeping in a separate bedroom. She was sensible and obviously knows how to cope with any anxiety and issues that this incident might have brought up. She isn’t manipulative for voicing her feelings and concerns and shutting her down for doing so is not right.


This is the type of ‘banter’ that could be compared to ‘locker room talk’ and therefore notoriously escalates very quickly.

He did punch her. He was in the wrong. Granted, he might not have expected or even warranted the response he received; but I for one am glad that Roxanne stuck up for herself and women everywhere. Physical assault, in any instance, will never be acceptable.



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