8 Times Love Island Gave Us All The Girl Power We Really Need

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Obviously, Love Island 2018 finished on Monday. If you don’t already know this, then chances are this is not the blog post for you.


If, like me, you’ve happily sacrificed any hope of a social life between 21:00pm – 22:00pm for the past eight weeks, then you’ll know that life in the villa has not necessarily been plain sailing. 


In the post I wrote about the show’s girl hate and slut shaming, I discussed the issues with some of the girl’s bitchy behaviour and nasty comments. Now we all know that this is an unacceptable way to treat other women, right? And so, without brushing over or condemning said behaviour, this is a post dedicated to all the times that those Love Island beauties gave us all a taste of what it is to really empower other women. 


1. Old Laura comforting New Laura even though she was upset over the guy who left her for New Laura. 



Complicating, I know, but it was just one of the ways that our girl original Laur proved herself to be amazing. She really didn’t have to comfort the girl who was crying over the guy who had just dumped her to be with said girl… But she did.


2. Rosie confronting Adam. Twice.



Fucking. Get. It. Girl. Giving us ALL the feels as she stands her ground, knows her worth and doesn’t let anyone fuck with her. YOU’LL NEVER BE HAPPY BECAUSE YOU’RE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR THE NEXT BEST THING, ADAM. 


3. Samira’s galpals supporting her decision to leave, even though they really wanted her to stay.



There’s little in life more important than being surrounded by completely supportive friends.


4. Laura (the real MVP in my eyes) forgiving Megan after she stole her man, asked him to kiss her whilst he was still coupled up with Laura and flaunted him in front of her for days. 



Whilst it may have taken her a few days, she ultimately put the sisterhood first. Ovaries before Brovaries. Would have taken me a lot not to lose my shit at any of those given points. Well done again, Laura. Love you. 


5. Megan taking Rosie for a raunchy photoshoot to show Adam what he’s missing.



My fave Meggy moment. And, although Adam claimed the shoot was ’embarrassing’, you can’t deny that the girls looked amazing and just about every jaw dropped when they walked into the garden clad in knickers and lace. 


6.  Alexandra and Laura making the promise to put friendship above anything else.



Damn, Laura. Back at it again being an all around Queen (can you tell who my favourite was). When it was uncovered that the pair were both interested in Cool Paul, the situation became a little tense. However, prior to the re-coupling and Paul’s decision, the girls took some time alone to stress that regardless who his pick was, they would remain besties. Aww. 


7. Yes, I know it didn’t end well. But in principle, Georgia pre-warning Laura that she was going to pick Jack for a date was the right thing to do.



Staying true to her ‘honest and loyal babe’ rep, Gee told Laura that she would ask Jack out should she get the chance. She did, and all was fine. Until she went in for the kiss…


8. Dani giving the girls the confidence boost they needed.



Whether they’re by the pool or straightening their hair for what appears to be 3.5 seconds before their evening back by the pool, Dani is always on hand to remind the girls how flames they are. Plus she taught us all the ‘eyebrow blow dry’ life hack, so we are forever in her debt. 



Regardless of their various ups, downs and controversies, this years Islanders have been truly great. It is so rare that reality TV shows good examples of girl power and female empowerment, and it’s long overdue. If anyone needs me, I’ll be hiding from the real world until Season 4 is released. Thanks, girls. Over and out.





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