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“I know you’re waiting for an explanation. You are waiting for me to tell you what happened. Motherfucking life happened.”



Not only is it written by an absolute babe, but Just Bad Timing is your perfect fix for all things sex, relationships and real-life dramas. In her sex-biography, Christine Wild takes us on a journey of passion, emotion and, indeed, lovers of almost every kind. In the book, we follow her across the world and learn of the cultures and people she engages with, as well as peeking into her most personal details; sordid romances, family, friendships and inner turmoil. Christine’s book isn’t easy to read because it is basic or simply written – you never want to put it down because it’s so damn relatable, funny and, at times, painfully real. I laughed hysterically, cried a little bit and marked corners of pages to read to my friends and partner that evening (yes, I read it in a day. If that doesn’t say it all…). Needless to say, they laughed too.


She’s right; it’s not a love story. Don’t get your hopes up thinking you’ll be engrossed by something Mills & Boon-esque. No, this is so much better than that. This debut memoir bursts with secrets, balmy evenings, encounters with both the new and old and wine. Lots of wine. Christine Wine, we should call her. There is little sexier than spending an evening curled up, reading about sex and wine (two of my very favourite things) and, if like me, you favour the realistic option of porn-on-paper (from dirty mags to erotic novels, this is my guilty pleasure), this is the book to do it with.


Not only did Christine’s ruthless and honest portrayal of her life, actions and choices leave me wanting more but it also made me question what I thought I knew about my life. It honestly feels like you’re sat with the author, drinking her favourite wine,

smoking cigarettes and listening intently to her tales, breaking only for laughter. If you’re after a gripping memoir to entertain and provoke thought and debate, let this be it. You won’t be disappointed.





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