#MeToo #HimThough

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#MeToo is important. It is important for women to understand that they are not alone, that there are millions of others worldwide who feel and understand her pain. Speaking out should be encouraged – speaking up does not make you a victim. Using your voice, whether you know it or not, will help so many others too afraid to use theirs. Survivors are brave and strong and should be told. There are so many of us who cannot use our voices, who cannot relive the stories and heartbreak of our past and who cannot use social media as a platform to make ourselves known. Those who haven’t shared #MeToo are not those who have avoided assault or harassment. They are those who have not healed enough to stand up for themselves. And that’s ok.


#HimThough is necessary. I can guarantee that almost every woman knows someone who has been harassed or assaulted. So how come no men know any harassers or assaulters? Nothing will stop this male mentality until they are socially threatened. In this disgusting Weinstein era, the majority of men are so entitled that they believe they can take what they want. And it won’t be until their friendships/reputations/careers are threatened that they will think twice. Tell me again how a sexual assault allegation will ruin a man’s career? Tell me why Donald Trump, Woody Allen and Casey Affleck lead fulfilled and happy lives, while their victims cower in the shadows. Men who belittle, abuse and disrespect women should be shamed. They should feel every morsel of public hurt and humiliation that said target felt during and after their attack.



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