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 I love sex; that’s no secret. And in my six sexual years, I have been more than open to trying new things – they call me TRYsexual, because I’ll try anything once… 


For my fellow sexually active readers, it will come as no surprise to you that when experimenting with the unknown, lube is your best friend. I mean, forget Katie from the third grade – who needs a bff when you have an excellent lubricant. In those six years, I have been searching far and wide for that perfect lube. Trust me – it’s no easy hunt. I am often allergic to lubricants and have been known to come up in an angry, red rash. Not so sexy… 


So, you can imagine my utter delight when I discovered Smile Makers. After reviewing some of their products previously, it was a no-brainer when they asked if I were interested in the lubricants. 


Smile Makers are a sex toy brand with an original approach to pleasure. They have developed a multitude of vibrators and lubricating products specifically aimed at women. Best of all, Smile Makers are on a mission to normalize sexual wellbeing products and ensure they become a part of everyday life and beauty care. It is vital that both men and women stop viewing sex, masturbation and ‘toys’ as anything other than normal human behaviour. If I want to use my annual leave to stay in bed and shag myself senseless, then I should be allowed to do so without being frowned upon.


Their lubricants come in three varieties; Generous Gel, Little Light Liquid and Stay Silky Serum. 


 Generous Gel is thicker than your average lube. This makes it easy to use and it’s cushiony feel ensures you are always relaxed. It’s the one I personally favour for intimate moments in intimate areas. Basically, if I’m participating in anal play. 


Little Light Liquid is my go-to when I’m masturbating. So, up to four times a day, on average. It is so light you barely even notice it. That is, until it acts as a catalyst in helping you reach mind-blowing orgasm.


 Stay Silky Serum has a special place in my heart. It was the first lubricant Smile Makers sent me, and the product that changed my mind about lubrication as a whole. No more rashes/dry sexual activity for me! (My genitalia is eternally grateful). I use this for EVERYTHING – anal/oral/vaginal sex, masturbation and often just as a sensual massage oil. It feels AMAZING. 


My favourite factor of all of the above is that none of them are like normal lubes. None are sticky, too oily or bizarre in texture. They are clean, sexy and basically, God’s gift to sex. And, at £12.95 a bottle; you can’t afford not to.



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