Engaging With the Future Generation After 2016's Presidential Election

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There is no doubt our children will grow to learn about the President of the United States of America. About what he’s done, what he’s said and what he stands for; this isn’t a government secret. We shouldn’t cover up for Donald Trump’s mistakes. His isn’t the lesson we should be teaching our children and future generations, but it would be foolish to lie to them.  A man has risen to power who stands for sexism, racism, misogyny, discrimination and white supremacy.

So let’s teach our children how to overcome hurdles. How to make peace with every situation and unite with their peers to stand for what they believe in.


Let’s teach our children the importance of being kind, of working together and of supporting each other. Let it be known that there is no race, religion, sex or disability that pits another human lower than anyone else. We are equals.


Let’s not tell them that by coming forward and accusing someone of sexual assault means they will be ignored, laughed at and remarked that they aren’t attractive enough to warrant such behaviour. Let’s make sure our children and the future generation know that wrong is wrong. No means no. Consequence may not always seem fair, but comeuppance will have its day. It’s not ok to hurt someone, to objectify them or to ridicule them. It is not acceptable to pick fault with the way people look. Let’s make sure they know that the law applies to everyone, and breaking it is wrong.


America are still waiting for their first female president, for their first LGBTQ president, for their first Muslim president (to name just a few). Let’s not give up on teaching our kids that they can be whoever and do whatever they want. Nothing is out of reach.



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