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Last Thursday evening saw the annual turnaround of the FMBE (Field Marketing & Brand Experience) awards. With it’s pantomime theme, the evening was brimming with excitement, anticipation and laughter – a real celebration of the achievements these awards represent. It became difficult to identify the realms of reality during the champagne reception mingling with the likes of Captain Hook, Jack (alongside his cow, but sadly no beanstalk) Snow White and a truly enormous stilted joker. We dined on a menu fit for a Queen (of hearts, that is) – enchanting ourselves with a toadstool starter and equally delectable main and dessert. 


With well over 5,000 attendees, the guests were seated at round tables with friends, colleagues and new acquaintances to observe the winners of 2016’s prestigious FMBE awards. The presenter wore a gown nothing short of special – imagine Christopher Biggins swathed in enormous cherries. No, seriously. Marcus Bentley, famously the ‘voice of’ Big Brother, introduced those shortlisted and a brass band gave their all in introducing the winners to the stage.


The setting was popular East London theatre, Troxy. Alongside this being the perfect venue for eating, drinking, dancing and award-winning, the event boasted fistfuls of extras – including 3D gif photo booths, a green screen photo opportunity and a chance to create your 3D twin, a miniature and frighteningly lifelike version of yourself.


Our particular table was hosted by Buttons and Cinderella or, to those who know them a little better, Frank Wainwright and Victoria Lloyd; the Mr and Mrs of the FMBE awards and magazine. Frank, somewhat of an expert in the field, perfectly manifested his table with a lineup that included PR, events, marketing and recruitment specialists. The perfect cocktail of guests to bounce off each other and and spark up a conversation over what was seemingly just about anything. 

It is with a heavy heart that I mention waiting another year to experience this particularly fantastic evening again – I am already sowing the seed for an invitation to next year’s celebrations. Thank you to all involved in organising and hosting this wonderful event, and congratulations to all award winners who took home something more than a hangover last week!


 Biggins wowing the audience – you may or may not notice that he’s actually in possession of an award! 


My3Dtwin – an excellent idea, you won’t believe how truly identical they are.


Coalition Event Services’ epic team of character hosts.





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