REVIEW : Bridget Jones's Baby

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If, like me, you are a lifelong Bridget fan and have been following her since the original days of enormous knickers and frequent fags, then I highly recommend seeing this movie.


Despite the displeasingly frequent use of the word ‘Slut’, Bridget adopts a carefree persona and modern attitude to single sex. AKA – shagging whomever and wherever the fuck you want. A refreshing comparison to the samey to-ing and fro-ing between Darcy and Cleaver we’ve been hanging on for the last fifteen years. Admittedly, Mark Darcy is one of the highlights of the third in this franchise – keeping loyal followers on their toes with the continual ‘will they, won’t they?’ storyline.


Slightly harder to come to terms with, however? The fact that Bridget, the loveable ‘spinster’ we have grown to love like a friend, no longer bears resemblance to how she was in prior films. Bridget Jones touched the hearts of so many and became the relatable heroine she is today as a result of how utterly normal she was. She fancied her boss, drank and smoke in excess but most of all – she was a normal woman, living a normal single life. I don’t know about you, but carrying a few extra pounds, sitting alone in your pyjamas on a Saturday evening and spending hours before parties plucking, waxing and veeting the majority of your body before pouring yourself into ‘shape controlling’ underwear is definitely a short summary of my life in London. Sure, this time around she portrays the image of a slightly older ‘I’ve finally reached my goal weight’ leading lady, but unfortunately this movie’s downfall was a little more ‘botox’ than ‘Bridget’. 


All in all, this film is the perfect lighthearted Sunday afternoon giggle. With scenes of frivolities, flirting and fast-track relationships; our gal Bridget is back with a vengeance and very almost equipped to tackle motherhood.  

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