The Bra Debate – Padded VS Non-Padded

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 It’s one of those first world lifestyle choices- do you like your bras padded, or not so?


Totally simple- one has padding while the other does not. The padded option has a thin layer of foam or fabric or whatever in between the two layers of fabric outside of the cup and inside the cup while the alternative has just a single layer of fabric.


More and more women, including the vast majority of my friends and family, believe that thickly stuffed or padded bras are the only way to look normal. Or even more enhanced.  It’s one thing to lean towards a padded bra in order to make your twins appear bigger, but it is borderline insanity to pre-conceive that non padded bras are unflattering. Totally untrue, believe me.


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find an uncomfortable non padded bra. Don’t hold your breath, though, because I can almost guarantee that you won’t. Free from the unyielding cage holding your boobies, the unpadded alternative leaves you feeling free. Like, skipping naked through a meadow of daisies kind of free.


Whilst the padded bra has more of an ‘uplifting’ reputation, its padless sister provides more of a gentle push in the right direction. And, generally, softer fabrics are used when making unpadded bras. By ditching the several extra layers of material slightly smothering your chesticles, your skin gets the chance to breathe; inevitably leaving you less of a hot and sweaty mess. I like to frequently remind myself that my breasts haven’t disappeared (multiple times daily), and have myself a little fondle. However, all too often, after wearing a padded pal, my hand is met by a slightly sticky, if not moist, cleavage. Apologies for the imagery- ain’t nothin cute about boob sweat!


Contrary to very popular belief, the amount of padding in a bra is not actually what lifts the gifts. It’s that pesky little underwire, the straps and band of the bra that are to thank for this amazing feat of engineering. But, fair enough, you’ll struggle to fit a chicken fillet or rolled up pair of socks in a bra without padding. And it’s basically impossible to find one with a built in booster. Getting your tatas measured and ensuring you always wear the right size is SO important. Oh, and the secret to keeping your tits as full and perky as possible. I just can’t stress that enough. Wearing the right size in an unpadded bra would fit you just as well – if not better – than a padded bra. This even applies to those with fun bags on the bigger side.


I’ll be the first to admit that padded bras give you a wonderfully full-chested pornstar-esque feeling. The multiple layers allow for a smooth and ‘perfect’ look. I get it- there’s nothing quite like the feeling when your tits enter the room ten minutes before you. But a natural look? Not so much. Some clothes look better with a little extra something but most clothes lend themselves to the au natural. Boob holders without extra padding allow for the material to follow the natural line of the breast.


Worried about a lack of options in the non-padded category? Fear not! There are endless reams of shapes, styles and colours – much more choice than your standard padded jobby. Seriously, there’s something for almost every occasion. And, in my opinion, are nearly always much sexier. You feel like you’re wearing proper grown up lingerie. Ask a male friend – I can almost guarantee they’ll stand in my corner in favour of the un-padded bras.


Scarily, studies have shown that bras are pretty terrible for your health and are even believed to increase the risk of cancer. The tighter the strap and the more padding the cup has is reportedly the worst option as, when worn, the breast tissue temperature is elevated and natural movement is prohibited which reportedly causes lymph nodes to get congested.


In conclusion, while a padded bra may be the wiser option for preventing nip-slips and providing a smoother look, the non-padded counterpart has my vote every time. Since making the change, my lady lumps have ached significantly less and I rarely find myself re-adjusting throughout the day. It all comes down to right sizing, patience, and the will to find the perfect bra.


As always – I welcome your opinion. What do you prefer?

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