Inside London's Secret Sex Parties

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There have been mumblings around London ever since I can remember.  Rumours of parties filled with intense passion, swinging strangers and, basically, a fuck load of shagging. Being somewhat infatuated with all things sex, upon hearing of an old friend (who conveniently now lives in Dubai) attending one of the sought after events, I jumped at the chance to interrogate him.


Killing Kittens is one of, if not the, most popular networks for swinging and sex parties. They host over 20 events monthly across six different countries. Launching in 2005, KK is an elite event specifically founded to give women control of their sexuality and, make no mistake; the women are always in charge.


If you’re into fancy dress or just a good ol’ orgy – there are a variety of parties to suit almost every desire. No two venues are the same. The parties are hosted at a variety of different locations – most likely to avoid familiarisation and maintain a feeling of secrecy. This particular party was held at a Jacuzzi/sauna bar in Central London. My source set the scene in a spacious room. A hot tub claims centre stage and various rooms with beds and lounge areas break off to each side. The parties tend to start like any other evening cocktail do with guests ordering drinks and mingling amongst each other. Beautiful women work both on the door and at the bars and the majority of guests are either couples or single ladies – not exactly the letchy old man fest I had pictured…


You might be surprised to find that drug use is prohibited. Drinks are available, but reportedly not consumed in vast quantities through fear of losing control. Admittedly, I had imagined an erotic trip, with an abundance of Adonis like men wandering around in masks and animal heads. Don’t ask… Apparently, much to my dismay, Torture Garden is the centre for all things fetish-y and there isn’t much representation at these particular events.  


Without being a written rule, guests know to dress smartly – ladies in cocktail dresses and gentlemen in suits. Apparently, Rhys Ifans was once turned away at the door for looking like a tramp. There are always cloak or locker rooms – somewhere for attendees to leave any phones, coats and personal belongings and for females to slip off to and change into something ‘more comfortable’. Don’t be naïve, though, I’m confident ‘comfort’ in this case translates to pouring yourself into some form of crotchless or lace undergarment. Once the guests are as comfortable as can be, the party really starts. The group in its entirety (which can range from 50 to 200 guests) begins to separate into smaller groups. Some head for the massage rooms, others get into the pool and those with the confidence to do so begin to tease each other on one of the more central beds.


The aim of the game is sexual satisfaction. Consensually, you can shag any attendee of the evening that you so choose, although it isn’t unheard of for guests to attend alone, and then remain alone, if you catch my drift. The evening normally kicks off around 10pm, and lovers start being peeled off each other some five hours later.


Unsurprisingly, they don’t let just anyone attend these soirées. It is free to join the site ( where you can create yourself a profile and express an interest in upcoming events and potential party guests, but the most popular events are only open to those aged between 18-45. Separate events are held for any older guests. Oh, and you must be attractive. Prior to attending any event, you must submit a picture of yourself or you and your partner for approval.


Before each event, organisers receive up to 100 applications a day in the two week lead up. Reportedly, up to 95% of applicants don’t make the cut and get turned away. Most events are celebrity-studded, but it is uncouth to speak of guest’s names after the party has finished.


Whilst I absolutely do not condone ageist or discriminatory behaviour, I have registered myself on the website. You know, purely for research purposes…

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